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3 Reasons Metal Roofs Are A Great Choice For Cold Climates

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If you live somewhere with a cold climate, such as Canada, you want to make sure that the roof you choose will be able to withstand all the cold winters and weather that it will encounter. You also want a roof that will keep you warm. Metal roofs are a great choice for cold climates. Here's why:

#1 Great Insulation

Metal roofs provide you with a high level of insulation. When a metal roof is put on your home, a fastening system is laid down and then an insulating layer is put on top of the fastening system. On top of that is your metal roof, which also contains insulation on the underside of it as well. Metal roofs can really help keep your home warm and lock in the solar energy that hits your home. They are great if you want to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your roof.

You can further reduce the heat loss through your roof by installing insulation on the underside of your attic as well. Thermal insulation on the inside of your attic paired with a metal roof is a great way to keep your home really insulated. 

#2 Sound Proof

When people think of metal roofs, they often imagine the sound of rain hitting a shed or porch roof. A metal roof on your home is different than a metal roof on your porch or an old barn. A metal roof on your home actually provides you with a high degree of sound protection. You are less likely to hear the rain and snow hit your home with a metal roof. Metal roofs' high insulating qualities is what helps protect you from the sound as well. If you want to stop hearing so much sound inside your home, a metal roof is a smart choice to make.

#3 Weather Resistant

Finally, metal roofs are resistant to the winter weather that you find in a cold climate. Since metal roofs reflect the sun, they work well at getting rid of the snow. Snow slides off metal roofs really easily, and the snow that gets left behind is easily melted by the sun.

Metal roofs are really strong and can withstand hail and wind storms as well. You don't have to worry about shingles blowing off your home when you install a metal roof on your home. 

Metal roofs provide you with good insulation, are good at keeping the sound down, and can withstand extreme winter weather. Contact a slate shingle metal roofing service for more information and assistance.